About Us

Law firm ČERNEJOVÁ & HRBEK has been providing legal services for its clients since 1992. We do not base only upon our tradition, we continue in the daily pursuit of constant professional development and education as well as of the best use of our experience for the benefit of our clients.

We are pleased that we have received for our work not only the recognition of the professional community and our colleagues, but also the confidence of many clients which is proved by the fact that they have been enjoying our services continuously for many years now. We owe to the clients’ evaluation of our work that we regularly rank on the top positions of Slovakia-based law firms reviews which are prepared by specialized agencies just on the basis of clients’ evaluation. For instance, the publications Chambers Global and Chambers Europe regularly rank our firm among the leading Slovak firms in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions and for many years we have been evaluated within this publication as ”top ranked“ firm in Slovakia in the field of Disputes Solution. The world-wide publication World Trademark Revue has repeatedly ranked our firm among the “leading experts” in Slovakia in the field of IP and Trade Mark Law. Since 2013, the law firms have been evaluated in the Slovak Republic within the project the Law Firm of the Year and our law firm is ranked every year in selected areas as a highly recommended, eventually recommended law firm.

We trust in expertise and experience. Knowledge obtained in leading of important transactions of Slovak and international dimension and representation of clients within cardinal court disputes allows us to provide clients with practical and useful counselling. Admittedly, there are also young lawyers working in our team, either as junior lawyers or later as cooperating associated attorneys. However, particular teams are always led by partners who intensively supervise their work. Thereby the professional control and guaranteed quality for every type of layout is secured.

The work for each client is always treated personally and individually, whether it encompasses routine business cases or complex transactions. We cooperate with professionals in the field of tax counselling and with foreign law firms in order to cover the interests of our clients even in case of interference to other profession sectors or jurisdictions.